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Find a store near you | Ultimate Game Card

Find a store near you | Ultimate Game Card.

Is Google+ Gaining in Popularity?

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Donald MacMelville

Interesting news:  users are more satisfied with Google+ now than they are with Facebook.

While the Facebook popularity drop isn’t a huge surprise – who didn’t hear somebody complaining at least once per day that the Timeline layout was awful – it’s more the fact that there now seem to be enough people using Google+ that a satisfaction comparison rates discussion.

The American Customer Satisfaction Index reported that Google+ led Facebook in Customer satisfaction with score of 78/100 to Facebook’s 61/100.  It was the first appearance for Google+ on the index.  See the illustration.

seo boston

Google+ apparently rates higher because it offers more privacy, does not have tradition advertising and is more useful on your mobile devices.  Facebook has always had privacy issues, but the dreaded Timeline redesign was also a factor in its lower rating.

I guess the message here is to remember that it’s still too early to discount…

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Adam Engel: Putting the “Social” Back in Socia Media: Building Community Through Blogging

With a view, enjoy, live and value, we still exist create friendships for people worldwide.

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The Interest in Pinterest Continues

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Donald MacMelville

I want to stop talking about Pinterest, but I guess I can’t.  The exceedingly popular social site keeps getting more and more attention and as a result is generating more and more studies about its use and effectiveness.

Do you want to get the most exposure for your product or service from Pinterest users?  Well, a recent study by EyeTrackShop took a look at how users experience Pinterest and it provides some interesting tips you may want to apply to your own board.

600 users were tracked via webcam while reviewing brand and category pages on Pinterest and they discovered some definite patterns.   Items “pinned” at the top were the most-viewed items on the boards.  Additionally, items showing faces attracted a higher level of attention over just product pictures and while your profile information gets a lot of attention on Facebook, it may not get as much notice on…

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Are we Social or what?

For the love of friendship may be one way out is where they are to interact with each other although in cross country.

Why I have started a ‘personal’ blog

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Making Friends

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The Inconvenience of Truth

Truth is synonymous with honesty that the authorized capital of a pure success

Solar Flares and the Technology of Today

Knowledge can be from anywhere in


Solar flares are nothing new to the earth; she’s been exposed to them way before we ever came along. However the technology of today unfortunately hasn’t been and therefore does occasionally cause some problems to today’s society. Years ago way before we had a power grid and all our electronic devices it was no big deal and it just produced a way better light show in the sky that we know as the Aurora Borealisor northern lights. The problem with today is that we are more reliant on technology for our everyday needs and any small disruption to this could and does cause major problems.

We are once again in one of these cycles which could send massive solar storms our way this year and into next. NASA is tracking the Solar Maximum or Solar Max which is the period of greatest solar activity in the solar cycle of…

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Christina Dulude: Social Networking With BuddyPress

Die Entwicklung eines Wachstumsfaktors

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