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Donald MacMelville

Interesting news:  users are more satisfied with Google+ now than they are with Facebook.

While the Facebook popularity drop isn’t a huge surprise – who didn’t hear somebody complaining at least once per day that the Timeline layout was awful – it’s more the fact that there now seem to be enough people using Google+ that a satisfaction comparison rates discussion.

The American Customer Satisfaction Index reported that Google+ led Facebook in Customer satisfaction with score of 78/100 to Facebook’s 61/100.  It was the first appearance for Google+ on the index.  See the illustration.

seo boston

Google+ apparently rates higher because it offers more privacy, does not have tradition advertising and is more useful on your mobile devices.  Facebook has always had privacy issues, but the dreaded Timeline redesign was also a factor in its lower rating.

I guess the message here is to remember that it’s still too early to discount…

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