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A long day. A lot going on. One of my busiest times of the year at work, lots to be done, most of it problem-solving and looking for things that aren’t quite working – but it’s not clear why or how. I’ve never used my brain so much. It’s good. Just tiring!

And at lunch S and I went to see a gorgeous flat. It is everything I want – smart, homely, quiet, brilliant location, dishwasher, garden. But the second bedroom is not big enough for a double bed, wardrobe and chest of drawers. I think a wardrobe would go in the lounge. We both like it. S wants to see another place for comparison, which is a good idea. The only other place at the moment is at an end of town I’m not that keen to live in, but I want to show willing. Someone else is viewing…

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The wise words

Wisewords only

Good sense to enlighten our education

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Last month, we attended the Modern Language Association’s annual conference in Boston, Massachusetts, and had a great time talking to educators about how encourages in-class conversations to keep going and keeps students and parents up to date. Today, we’re taking a closer look at how some tech-savvy teachers are using to create educational experiences that seamlessly blend the traditional and virtual worlds.

The Paper-Free Class Experiment

My name is Mr. Hays and I teach 8th grade Language Arts. I am a National Board Certified teacher, and I have been reflecting on my role as a teacher this past summer. This year, I  have decided to try a radically different approach to teaching. I want to step away from the traditional classroom for a while and see just how much we can do online.

With The Paper-Free Class Experiment, Florida middle school English teacher James Hays has built…

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Get Weekly Paychecks Video Overview

Get Weekly Paychecks Video Overview.

Well done !

The Blog

Today, I’m excited to announce the two latest additions to our ever-growing collection of free themes.

My Life is a cool, serene blogging theme by Justin Tadlock. With subtle colors, readable typography, and a vintage feel, it offers a classic look for your personal journal or blog.

My Life can be used as a one-column tumblelog, or it supports up to two widget areas for a two- or three-column layout with multiple sidebar positions. It also includes up to three custom menus and support for several post formats, making the theme incredibly flexible and versatile.

Read more about My Life on the Theme Showcase, or activate it on your site by going to Appearance -> Themes.

Silesia is a clean and elegant blogging theme with a twist: it features an expanding left sidebar for an additional navigation or other Widgets you find useful!

Designed by NattyWP, Silesia comes with…

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