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The effects of euro zone austerity are starting to infect Germany—time for schadenfreude?

Schadenfreude for all technology owned, in this case may be also in matters such as the four-wheeled vehicle that Germany generally have

Russia sends 45 mice, 15 geckos, and eight gerbils on a long space mission

Hopefully the mission, not harmful to the animals that fact as a matter experiment

Weak demand puts an unexpected spanner in China’s manufacturing machine

Regarding the increase or decrease in demand, which may be accompanied by quality should be improved again

Four superlatives for Netflix, which is now bigger than HBO in the US

In this case we may also have to be good at reading market trends or what advantages could be made to make people willing and interested in selecting

California launches first “battery university” to push energy storage technology

At least to keep trying what is the best of all the experiments that followed, so it will be known to most relevant and useful for it’s own energy reserves

Sichuan Earthquake – 04/20/2013 6.6 richter

Did a giant dam cause China’s latest earthquake?

Seek friendly with nature, so that nature is also better in humans, might be