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Good news for mobile gamers: Apple is set to license a range of official, iOS 7 game controllers

Apple Game Controller Concepts

From Andy Boxall of writing, Apple is gearing up to put its seal of approval on a new line of game controllers designed for use with iOS devices, following the inclusion of a dedicated game controller API in iOS 7. A report published by says the company has created a set of guidelines to which third party manufacturers must adhere if they want to make a controller, and that like many other Apple accessories, a Certified by Apple stamp will be given to those that do.

The standards include references to design, button placement, response time, and the, “dead zone” on an analog joystick, and that Apple will allow two different types of controllers to be produced – a case-like model which cradles the iPhone, and a wireless gamepad, presumably aimed more for use with the iPad.

A check of Apple’s website reveals references to MFi game controllers (MFi stands for Made For iPhone/iPad/iPod), and a Game Controller Programming Guide for developers. The pictures you see here, which PocketGamer claims have been authenticated as Apple concept diagrams, give an idea of the layout rather than the design, so don’t be put off by their basic look.

While different types of gaming accessories are available for the iPhone and the iPad already, the main issue with each one is game compatibility, and even popular systems like the iCade have a limited number of supported titles. By licensing its own products, and giving developers easy access to the code and specification of the controllers, Apple neatly avoids this problem.

It’s excellent news for mobile gamers, but not so good for makers of other handheld gaming systems, such as Sony and Nintendo. Using a set of physical controls instead of a touchscreen is one of the major benefits of gaming on the Vita and 3DS, and one which will be lessened by decent, Apple approved controllers.

According to the report, Logitech and MOGA are both signed on to produce iPhone and iPad controllers, and they’ll be in stores after the summer. Whether Apple will make its own reference design controller remains to be seen. If it does, it’ll be following in the footsteps of Samsung, which introduced an official wireless controller with the Galaxy S4. Whatever Apple’s decision, let’s hope the iOS controllers will be more reasonably priced than Samsung’s effort.


Koenigsegg Agera S Most Expensive Cars in Singapore

        Koenigsegg Agera S Most Expensive Car in Singapore. Car is luxury goods and prestige for some people. Car owners would be very proud of its cars, especially if the car is a luxury car that unique, rare and expensive of course. Although Koenigsegg Agera S Most Expensive Cars in Singapore Sweden rarely known by car superclass, but one of the products entered as one of the best cars, the fastest and most expensive in the world. Koenigsegg Agera Koenigsegg Agera S S is the Most Expensive Cars in Singapore’s latest supercar from Koenisegg.

        Supercar Koenigsegg Agera S is only made ​​100 units. Koenigsegg Agera S engine equipped with twin-turbo 5.0-liter V8-powered 1040 hp. The car is a full carbon fiber body is combined gold-colored accents that also actually have a mix of gold weighing 24 carats. Koenigsegg Agera Koenigsegg Agera S Most Expensive Cars in Singapore has a top speed that is 2.8 seconds for a distance of 0 to 100 km / h with a speed of 418 km / h speed limit and the car companies are only allowed to use the speed of 378 km / hour.

        Koenigsegg Agera S has started his debut in Singapore. His features were introduced before 200 VIPs at the Ritz Carlton Millenia, and the Koenigsegg Agera S Most Expensive Cars in Singapore is the only Koenigsegg ever touching the Singapore market.

        Agera S matte blue Official belong Angela Tan with prices USD5, 3 million or around Rp 52.3 M. Not only makes the Koenigsegg Agera S Most Expensive Cars in Singapore’s fastest supercar Koenigsegg Agera S in Singapore, but at the same time making it the most expensive.

Most Hollywood movies This Week

Most Hollywood movies of the week. Film will be interesting when there are well-known star who plays, the director who made the film, and the film’s story. In 2013 had attended the Hollywood Film Week sellers selling a number of Hollywood films of quality. For movie-themed superhero movie lovers were treated to the Man Of Steel. While the Pixar Animation Studios is known for expertly worked on the animated film will also be back by Monsters University. If you look at the title could definitely tell that this is from the movie Monsters Inc. prequel successful in 2001.

Animated film is one of the most interesting parts of the film industry. Only in the movies animasilah a producer can put forward a scenario that is not possible in humans demonstrate. Only in the movies animasilah Hollywood Movie of the Week Most animals that have been destroyed can come back like Tom and Jerry. Since Walt Disney discovered the principle of making animated movies without sound at the beginning of the 20th century, up to now has created thousands and even millions of animated films.

Most Hollywood movies This Week

Of a number of films to be released in 2013, here are grossing Hollywood film in 2013 and became the most awaited box office.
1. Fast & Furious 6 – $ 34m
2. Now You See Me – $ 27.5m
3. After Earth – $ 26.5m
4. Epic – $ 16.0m Bestsellers Hollywood Movies of the Week
5. Star Trek Into Darkness – $ 15.2m

Most Hollywood movies This Week

6. The Hangover Part III – $ 15.0m
7. Iron Man 3 – $ 7.8m Hollywood Hottest Movies of the Week
8. The Great Gatsby – $ 5.8m
9. Yeh Jawaani Hai Deew – $ 1.3m
10. Mud – $ 1.2MGambar

Gamelan Degung_”Bulan Dagoan”

Sundanese Traditional Music_usually something in the present moment special wedding reception Pasundan ( Sundanese ).

Indonesia to create its own cyber-army | NDTV Gadgets

Indonesia to create its own cyber-army | NDTV Gadgets.

MTV Act Blog

MTV Act Blog.

I wish to repeat time

I wish to repeat time

If they can then be repeated, perhaps there will be time wasted.



All religions must teach kindness and magnanimity. regardless of religion itself, all the things we do will come back to ourselves. Who sows, he will surely reap the rewards. Good or bad, will definitely come back to ourselves. Does not matter what other people do to us, good or bad will certainly come back to himself.

Just Smile

Just Smile

When everyone always collapsed and just grumble, pout. Shows only trouble ourselves with face bent, at least maybe just with a smile showing hospitality to others around us. At least we are still alive and are given life, scatter kindness and eliminate pride or prejudice. So that the heart is not too upset and vengeful.

Just to think and reflect for a moment

Just to think and reflect for a moment

Sometimes thought about the words of the above, there may be some truth Just to think and find a way out. Although the road was a dead end.